Foreign media: Haigang invites Di Francesco to coach. He used to be the coach of Roma and Sampdoria

February 28 News In the new season, the candidate for the coach of Shanghai Haigang has not been determined.
According to “goal” reports, Shanghai Seaport invited Di Francesco to coach.

According to reports, Di Francesco could go to China and get a job offer with the Shanghai Seaport team, and may soon start his first overseas coaching tour.
Since coaching Verona in September 2021, Di Francesco has not found a next home.
Today, Di Francesco has received an invitation from Shanghai Seaport Club, a team that finished fourth in the Chinese Super League last season.
Stars such as Hulk and Arnautovic once played for Seaport, and the team currently has an Oscar.

Di Francesco has coached Sassuolo, Roma, Sampdoria, Cagliari, Verona and other teams.