Former international footballer Xie Yuxin sent a message to his son Xie Weijun’s newly married: no champion can be as happy as today

January 13 News According to reporter Wang Wei, Jinmen Tigers striker Xie Weijun held a wedding recently, and his
Father and Chinese football star Xie Yuxin also sent a message to his son at the wedding.

25-year-old Xie Weijun and his girlfriend finally got married and entered the palace of marriage.
At the wedding, his father, Xie Yuxin, besides congratulating the couple, expressed his joy beyond words. He directly said: “No matter what championship you win, you can’t be as happy as today!”

In the 2022 season that just passed, Xie Weijun represented the Jinmen Tigers in 29 appearances and scored 9 goals, helping the Jinmen Tigers achieve the 8th place.