Former national youth coach: luckily Messi didn’t choose Spain, otherwise I couldn’t stay in Argentina

December 21-former Argentina U20 coach Hugo Tocali accepted an exclusive interview with the local radio station, during which he talked about Lionel Messi’s choice to represent the Argentine national team. Tocali is Messi’s first manager in the national team.
“if Leo chooses to play for Spain, then I can’t stay in Argentina. I’m sure they will throw me into a deep well. If someone takes the player away from me or from Peckerman, we are dead. Fortunately, he didn’t want to represent Spain, which saved my life. ”
“that kind of instability happened when we went to the U17 World Cup and we learned that Spain wanted Lionel Messi. Through the videotape, we saw his amazing speed, so we immediately asked the president of the Argentine Football Association to target him as soon as possible. ”
Tocali played a key role in Lionel Messi’s entry into the U20 national team, asking the parties concerned to organize an official friendly and inviting the FIFA referee to enforce the law in order to ensure that Messi can play for Argentina.
In addition, Tocali’s son Martin is one of the behind-the-scenes contributors to Argentina’s victory in the World Cup, mainly as a goalkeeper and coach. “it looks crazy, but it’s full of happiness. I haven’t been able to meet Martin yet. I can’t believe what just happened. We saw a very United team and the manager made good use of all the resources, so they got the reward they deserved. ”
(Qi Zi Cake)