Former Shaanxi Changan Athletic player: I understand the club’s difficulties, but I can’t spend the player’s feelings all the time

January 4 According to the "Oriental Sports Daily" report, if the debt cannot be resolved within the next two days
Due to the salary issue, the Shaanxi Changan Athletic Team of China First Division will have no choice but to disband.

A player who has left the team and played the main role in the Shaanxi team before said: "In terms of the overall strength of the team and the individual abilities of the players, Chang’an Athletic is definitely the No.
I have heard some news (about wage arrears), but firstly, I feel that Wang (Baoshan) is in charge, and secondly, the club has also proposed the goal of surpassing, so I feel that no matter what, it will not be worse than last year, so let’s go

Talking about Wang Baoshan’s midway dismissal, the player said: "It seems that this is just an outbreak of various conflicts caused by the issue of wage arrears. Some things can be overcome by coaches and players through hard work, but some things may
Even Director Wang (Baoshan) felt helpless, so he could only choose to leave in the end."

Like other players who left, so far, this player still has not received the full salary and bonus he should have received during his time playing for the Shaanxi Changan Athletic Team.
He said: "As players, we also understand the club’s difficulties, so even if you can’t get money, you can play when you should play, and fight as you want, but you can’t just ‘consume’ coaching players all the time.
Your sense of responsibility and feelings, right? Everyone has the same idea now, that is, we won’t ask for a penny more for what shouldn’t be taken, but we can’t take a penny less for what should be given to us.”

In order to solve the problem of shortage of funds, Shaanxi Changan Athletic Club has adopted various measures to save itself, including opening the Changan Athletic live broadcast account to carry goods online, designing and building the Changan Athletic membership system, and signing cooperation agreements with related companies, hoping to be able to
This is used to maintain the normal operation of the club. However, for Chinese professional football, which is accustomed to relying on "blood transfusion" to survive and develop, these "small fights" can only be regarded as a drop in the bucket.

Judging from previous public reports, Shaanxi Changan Athletic Club has already prepared itself for the worst possible situation.
The club’s executives said: “Although the club is also going all out, funds are still extremely difficult. Now it has reached a critical moment of life and death. If the problem of wage arrears cannot be resolved, it will face dissolution. The club is working hard to promote the shareholding reform and hopes that more companies will help
Shaanxi professional football, we will also use healthy and stable development to repay the support from all walks of life in Shaanxi."