French celebrities talk about Zidane: Brazil will welcome him to coach amp It is impossible for him not to coach for 5 years

January 15 News After leaving Real Madrid in May 2021, Zidane is still looking for a new
The 1998 World Cup champion had hoped to coach the French national team, but Deschamps has now renewed his contract until 2026.
For Zidane’s future, “RMC” commentators Roten, Charbonnier and Petit expressed their views.

Charbonnier said: “Zidane’s wish is to be in the coaching job. If he is not coaching at the club, then he hopes to coach the French national team. If you leave Real Madrid, then you have to coach a team similar to theirs.
A team of the same level, like Paris Saint-Germain.”

“Would Zidane wait three and a half years? Five years without coaching is out of the question. To coach, you need personal relationships too. That’s what he told me about PSG, he said.
There are not 50 clubs to choose from.”

“The Brazilian Football Federation welcomes a coach like Zidane, who wants to make his mark on world football. Brazilians will feel Zidane is more like a native of their country than a Frenchman.
… I don’t think Zidane will go to England because he doesn’t speak English.”

“Nowadays, Zidane has to make himself appear in the coaching market, although not many clubs can attract him at the sporting level,” Petit said.

Roten said: “Zidane can’t wait for a long time like now. I don’t think he will stop coaching for five years. He doesn’t want Deschamps to have a bad record in coaching the national team. If this happens in four years
If there is a vacancy, maybe it will be the right time. With everything he stands for, he can do whatever he wants. He has such a passion for football, far more than Blanco. I don’t think he will ever
Save the emotion, or stay at a big club like Real Madrid forever, because it’s impossible. If there is no offer, his ambition may be shattered.”

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