French media: Argentina’s third goal should be invalidated because several substitute players entered the stadium.

According to French media RMC, due to a number of Argentine substitute players entering the stadium, Argentina’s third goal should be invalidated.
RMC said Mr. Marziniak may not risk invalidating Messi’s goal in the 108th minute of the final, but he should do so. The Argentine was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and apart from the picture, VAR can (if we believe in the rules of the game, even should) invalidate Argentina’s third goal.
According to Article 3, paragraph 9, of the rules of Football Competition: if the referee realizes that there are extra people in the playing field when the goal is scored and before the game resumes, if the extra personnel are the following personnel, the referee must decide that the goal is invalid: the player, the substitute, the player who has been replaced or sent off, and the team official who have been replaced or sent off; resume the game with a direct free kick in the position of the extra personnel.