French media: Varane didn’t have his fever until the morning of the final, and he was the only one who encouraged his teammates when he fell behind 2-0.

December 20-in the World Cup final, France lost to Argentina on penalties and won the runner-up. The authoritative French media “team Daily” published an article reviewing the 48 hours before and after the World Cup final, which mentioned the flu virus that affected the team before the match.
First Pamecano and Rabiot, then Koeman, Varane and Konate, they were isolated at the hotel many times, the team newspaper wrote. Three days before the final, Varane played with some symptoms in the semi-final against Morocco.
The day before the final, Varane woke up with a fever. After warming up with his teammates, he retreated to the sidelines to train with the fitness coach. He took part in some intensive training, but the starting centre-back at that time was Konate + Yu Pamecano. Varane feels he can meet the challenge and he can’t imagine missing the final.
For the French team, Varane is not only a defender, but also one of the indispensable leaders of the team, who can come out quickly after conceding a goal. He was the only player on the court who encouraged his teammates when Argentina scored the second goal in the final. When the coaching staff discussed the starting line-up the night before the game, Varane chose to partner with Pamecano.
On the morning of the final, Varane no longer had a fever, Koeman and Konate were also in good condition, and the atmosphere of the French team was relaxed and quiet.