Gabby vs. Manchester United full-time statistics: 13 successful confrontations, 3 fouls and 5 fouls, 4 tackles

February 17 News The focus of the first round of the Europa League knockout playoffs, Barcelona home 2
-2 draw with Manchester United, Alonso, Rashford, Conde (own goal), Rafinha scored successively.

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The statistics of Gabi in this game are as follows:

Third-Zone Passes: 22 (most on team)

Successful confrontation: 13 times (the most in the team)

Fouled: 5 times (the team’s most)

Touches in the opponent’s penalty area: 5 times (the team’s most)

Tackles: 4 (the team’s most)

Number of successful air confrontations: 3 times (most in the team)

Fouls: 3 (the team’s most)