Gao Lin: I personally and the level of Chinese football need to be criticized, but we should reduce slander and abuse.

December 23-in a live broadcast today, Gao Lin talked about players accepting criticism and facing negative news about Chinese football.
“I think I can accept criticism that you are limited to football, because you can’t reach it. Why can’t others criticize you? Like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, some people like them and some don’t like them. Besides, my personal level, as well as the level of Chinese football, need to be criticized. What needs to be accepted are criticisms and suggestions. But it is necessary to reduce slander, ridicule and abuse. ”
“I think the environment is like this, you say you love Chinese football, you don’t like this and that, what do you think is wrong? But this kind of venting can not help Chinese football, can not vent for the sake of venting. If you really love and like, there is no problem to find out the problem while you criticize others, and then it is whether you can participate in Chinese football. Don’t just talk about love, don’t just talk about being a fan. Your love is not only shown in the 90 minutes of watching the game, not just in one or two players you like, if you really love it, whether you can participate in it, I think it is helpful for us to participate in it and do more things that are helpful to Chinese football. I accept criticism and blame, but I hope that more people will participate in it and work together to maintain a good environment, which is more fulfilling than who you scold Gao Lin every day. I think it will be more fulfilling to do something to help Chinese football. ”
“We always stick to what we like, and it’s worth it to make the environment better and better by our own efforts.”
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