General Manager of Union Berlin: I wanted to ask Isco when I asked about the price, and I was very curious about the result in the end

February 9, 51-year-old Oliver Runert, the general manager of Union Berlin, accepted the offer
Bild interview.

Union Berlin sent away the Norwegian Ryerson (to join Dortmund) in the winter window, but they ushered in the experienced Juranovic and Roussillon, two excellent wing backs, and spent 4 million euros from the Hungarian League to sign
With the Tunisian midfielder Rajduni, these three transactions are indeed immediate.

Asked by Bild about Isco’s transfer, Lunat said: “When he broke up with Sevilla, we had the idea to ask. At that time, there was no hope, but you asked
We have to ask, and we won’t lose a piece of meat.

At that time, we thanked them and told the players that our plan was different.
But suddenly he and the others failed to negotiate, and we were back at the negotiating table.

Then in the last ten days of the transfer window, the two sides had relatively intensive contact.
Everyone knows how angry Isco is, it’s public.
Knowing that the clubs he played for before gave him a lot of salary, we were all curious whether he would agree to join… This may be the most nervous time in my career when making a deal.