Georgina becomes the fashion luxury brand spokesperson and will receive at least 350,000 pounds in endorsement income

February 16th

According to the “Sun” report, Portuguese star Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina recently announced that she has become the spokesperson of the fashion luxury brand Elisabetta Franchi, and she will also receive at least 355,000 pounds in endorsement income.

Georgina announced the news on her social media. She wrote: “I am very happy to be the first global spokesperson of fashion luxury brand Elisabetta Franchi.” Many fans congratulated her after seeing it, and some fans
Said: “Great, this is definitely the best choice for the brand”, “Congratulations, sister!”, “Happy for our Queen Georgina”.

According to media reports, Georgina will receive 355,000 pounds for this endorsement.
According to some other terms in the agreement, this endorsement income may be higher.
For example, if she is photographed wearing the brand’s clothing at other large-scale events, she can earn more than 888,000 pounds.

Georgina has grown in popularity in recent years and currently has 46.3 million followers on Instagram.
On weekdays, she occasionally works as a model. Before that, she also filmed the documentary “I am Georgina”, for which she also gained a wave of fans’ attention.