Georgina social media was brushed on the screen: why not celebrate the victory of her native Argentina? Ronaldo won’t let you celebrate?

On December 20, when Argentina beat France to win the Qatar World Cup, many netizens left messages on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Argentine girlfriend Georgina social media, questioning why she did not celebrate Argentina’s victory.
Netizens swipe screen message excerpt from ↓
Netizen: your boyfriend won’t let you celebrate your country’s winning the championship, right?
Netizen: don’t be a slave, cheer for your country.
Netizen: I know you were born in Argentina, aren’t you going to send anything to celebrate the national team winning the championship? Or is it that Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t allow you to send these?
Netizen: why not celebrate your country Argentina won the championship? Yes, Spain and Cristiano Ronaldo make you a star, but it’s shameful to forget your country.
Netizen: you forgot your country for money. You are afraid of your husband..
Netizen: Georgina is from Argentina, how could she not celebrate her country’s winning the championship? Ronaldo must have stopped it.
Netizen: she is afraid to celebrate for Argentina. Ronaldo will kick her out and take all her jewels.
Georgina Rodriguez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on January 27, 1994. her father, Jorge Educardo Rodriguez, was an Argentine and a former footballer who died of illness in Argentina. Mother Anna Maria Hern á ndez is Spanish. Georgina has a sister, Ioana. Georgina grew up in the city of Haka in northeastern Spain.