German media: due to poor sales of jerseys in Germany, retailers hope to use existing jerseys in 2024

According to German media reports, German retailers hope to persuade the German Football Association to use their 2022 jersey kit at Euro 2024 instead of releasing new kits because a large amount of inventory is still unsold. But it is clear that this requirement depends on how Adidas decides.
The German Retail Association called the 2022 World Cup a “disaster” for commodity sales. Germany’s poor performance and group stage knockout have seriously affected jersey sales, and even with big discounts, it is still difficult for retailers to sell national team equipment.
Von Purin, president of the German Retail Association, said retailers hoped to persuade the German Football Association to keep their current jerseys in preparation for the 2024 European Cup to be held at home.
The most important reason he gave to the German Football Association was environmental protection, especially after the German team made moral gestures and statements about human rights in Qatar. Germany used to receive new jerseys from Adidas every two years, sometimes even more frequently. However, they did make an exception once.
They wore the same jerseys at Euro 88 and the World Cup in 1990. At that time, they lifted the World Cup in 1990, and maybe they can do it again in 2024.
While the environmental argument is of course reasonable, the request of the German Retail Association may fall on deaf ears. There are only 18 months to go before Euro 2024, so Adidas has probably invested a lot of money and made a lot of progress in the design of the German national team jersey in 2024.
That said, if Adidas decides to extend the useful life of its jersey, it must be an internal decision, not a request from retail organizations.