German Sky Sports: Bayern have contacted Zomo, and Zomo is willing to join.

December 17-according to the German Sky Sports report, Bayern Munich is planning for the position of goalkeeper in the second half.
German Sky Sports reported that due to a poor relationship with Bayern Munich goalkeeper coach Tapanovich, Bayern Munich loan goalkeeper Nobel is currently playing in Munich, as long as Tapanovic is still in the club, he won’t go back there. However, Bayern Munich will not let Tapanovic go. The club is still in contact with Monaco about the return of Noubel, but is also considering other options, including Zomo, the Swiss goalkeeper in Menchengladbach.
Another German newspaper, the Munich Daily, reported that Monaco is willing to return Nubel in January with a transfer fee of 2 million euros.
As for Zomo, Sky Sports said Bayern Munich had contacted Zomo. The Swiss goalkeeper is their option and Zomo will be an alternative if Bayern Munich cannot reach an agreement with Noubel or Monaco. Zomo’s contract with Menchengladbach expires at the end of the season, so his price will be relatively low and he is willing to play in Munich.