Germany turns to interest statistics: the price of players born around Christmas ranks first, McAllister ranks first.

December 25-Today is an important holiday in the West. The German transfer market has made an interesting statistic to rank the value of players born before and after Christmas.
Ranking of the value of players born around Christmas:
1. McAllister, Brighton, born on December 24th, 42 million euros
2. Boondia, Villa, born on December 25th, 28 million euros
3. Singh, Turin, born on December 25th, 14 million euros
Sheila, Bruges, born on December 25th, 9 million euros
Ferreira, FC, Dallas, born on December 24th, 8 million euros
6. Lori, Tottenham, born on December 26th, 7 million euros
7. Olier, Nottingham Forest, born on December 24th, 6 million euros
Aguirre Sabara, Athletic Bilbao, born on December 26th, 5 million euros
Gilbert, Villa, born on December 24th, 5 million euros
10. Adelet, Hertafe, born on December 26th, 4 million euros
(goblin killer)