Giroux’s data in this game: 9 confrontations won 7 times, SofaScore score 7.0,

December 15, France vs Morocco World Cup semi-final is in progress, France is currently 2-0 lead, the following is the data of this match.
In this game, Giroux started and played for 65 minutes, he missed twice, one shot was blocked, one hit the frame, and the expected number of goals was 0.27.
During the game, Giroux touched the ball 25 times, passed the ball 14 times and succeeded in 7 times, with a success rate of 50%. 2 ground confrontations win 1 time, 7 air confrontations win 6 times, 10 times lose ball rights, be fouled 1 time, offside 1 time, contribute 1 round and 1 intercept.
SofaScore scored 7. 0 points for Giroux’s performance in this game.
(goblin killer)