Glazer said publicly in Qatar that a sale of Manchester United was under way and declined to comment further

Abraham Glazer, United’s co-owner, declined to disclose the current timetable for Manchester United’s next sale, but told the TA that “the process is under way”.
TA interviewed Abraham Glazer outside the Albert Stadium in Qatar after France’s 2-0 victory over Morocco.
When asked about the latest news about the sale of Manchester United, the 62-year-old said: “it doesn’t mean the sale has been finalised, it’s a process, we’re moving forward, so we’ll see what happens.”
Glazer was later asked how many people were interested in the World Cup, he said: “I am really here to watch the World Cup, but I appreciate you to care about Manchester United.”
Asked to comment on the sale, he said: “what I am telling you is the news, this is a process, this process is under way.”
Asked about the timetable for the sale, Glazer added: “again, I’m here to enjoy the World Cup, but I appreciate your questions.”
He also stressed that he took part in the first semi-final between Argentina and Croatia and is now “looking forward to the final.”
Manchester United have previously discussed investments with Saudi Arabia and negotiated with investment funds in Dubai. Abraham Glazer also bought the cricket franchise of the T20 cricket league in the United Arab Emirates.
TA reported earlier this week that Rennes Bank, Manchester United’s exclusive financial adviser, plans to sell Manchester United in the first quarter of 2023 for between £6 billion and £7 billion.