Goal net: greater Paris plans to renew its contract with Lionel Messi for two years, and the two sides are expected to reach an agreement this year

December reported that Paris Saint-Germain intends to renew his contract with Lionel Messi. Paris President Nasser watched the World Cup final between Argentina and France live. When he congratulated Lionel Messi after the game, Nasser invited him to attend a meeting to discuss the future, which is expected to be held in a few days.
Lionel Messi was impressed by Lionel Messi’s attitude and commitment before the World Cup. Team executives want to keep Lionel Messi and Mbappe at the same time, because the Argentine can help the team attract sponsors, and Greater Paris also wants to put their names in the honor books of the Champions League and the Golden Globes.
With the World Cup over, Greater Paris has drawn up an offer for Lionel Messi to renew his contract. According to goalscorer, the contract renewal includes what Messi agreed to when he joined as a free agent last summer. in addition, Greater Paris plans to renew his contract with Lionel Messi for two years, the player’s salary will remain about the same, and he is expected to stay in Greater Paris for at least one season.
As for Lionel Messi’s possibility of joining Beckham’s Miami International, it is now considered to be just speculation. Messi hopes to avoid talking about the future before the World Cup final and take a break after the World Cup. Paris is ready to go all out to keep Lionel Messi and the contract extension is expected to be finalised this year.
(little Green Devil)