[gossip board] an American journalist was banned and detained by security guards for wearing a rainbow T-shirt.

November 22-before the match between the United States and Wales, an American journalist was banned for wearing a T-shirt with a rainbow pattern.
At this World Cup, the host Qatar has been slammed by countries for violating human rights and boycotting homosexuality. In this country, homosexuals can be sentenced to prison. The journalist, Grant Wahl, was refused entry because the clothes he was wearing were printed with rainbow colors in support of LGBTQ+.
The reporter posted on social media: “just now, the security guard refused to let me enter the stadium of the match between the United States and Wales.” He told me that you had to change your clothes, which was not allowed. ”
Wahl also said staff “took” his phone after he sent his first tweet. The security guard insisted on expressing his “political stand” through the color of his clothes, rather than allowing the decision of journalists who violated the rules to be reasonable.
An hour later, Wahl updated his situation and he was finally allowed to enter the stadium. Before a FIFA official apologized for the incident, a security commander released Wahl at the scene. “I’m fine, but this is unnecessary torture,” he said on Twitter. I was still in the media center, and wearing this dress, I was detained for nearly half an hour. ”
Before the previous England match, six European national teams, including England, announced that they would give up wearing the rainbow captain armband. England captain Kane said: “I am not in the hands of the decision. I am very disappointed. I was told that I had to wear the armband prescribed by the organizers.”