[gossip board] Argentina scored 6-5 on penalties and the Netherlands advanced to the semi-finals! Messi passed the shot, Dijk and Enzo lost their points.

At 3:00 Beijing time, the Netherlands played Argentina in the fourth final of the World Cup. In the first half, Messi shot high, Lionel Messi assisted Molina scored, Acuna and Romero dyed yellow; in the second half, Messi scored a high free kick, Acuna made some Lionel Messi spot shots, and Westhorst headed back a goal. In stoppage time, Weichorst scored a draw with a low shot and the two sides tied into overtime. In extra time, Enzo Fernandez hit the post, both sides made no achievements, entered the penalty shootout, Dijk and Boguis were saved, Enzo Fernandez missed the penalty, Lautaro finally hit the penalty, and Argentina 6-5 the Netherlands advanced to the semi-finals against Croatia.
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Key events:
Lionel Messi dribbled the ball into the arc top plug and Molina stabbed the goal. Argentina 1-0 Netherlands
Lionel Messi scored a free kick directly at the front of the restricted area, and the ball was slightly higher.
The Acuna penalty area caused a foul by Dunfries, and Messi scored with a penalty. Argentina 2-0 Netherlands
83Boguis set up a cross from the wing, and Westhorst shook his head and scored the goal. Netherlands 1-2 Argentina
Kupmenas made a low pass from a free kick, and West Horst scored a low shot and equalized the score. Netherlands 2-2 Argentina
WhoScored player score:
Competition lineup:
Dutch starters: 23-Noppert, 2-Timber, 4-Dijk, 5-Ake, 17-Blinder (659-Luke-de Jong), 22-Dunfries, 8-Garkpo (113-12-Noah-Lang), 15-de Jong (45-20-Kupmenas), 21-Frankie-de Jong, 7-Belvin (45-11-Boguis), 10-Memphis-Deppe (7811-West Horst)
Dutch substitutes: 1-Paswell, 13-Bigelow, 3-Dricht, 6-DeFry, 16-Malaysia, 26-Flinpen, 14-Klaassen, 24-Kenneth-Taylor, 25-Harvey-Simmons, 18-Vincent Jensen
Argentina starters: ​ 2 ​ 3-Dibu Martinez, 26-Molina (105-Montiel), 13-Cutti-Romero (78-Peizerat), 19-Otamendi, 25-Lisandro-Martinez (112-11-Di Maria), 8-Acuna (77-3-Talia Fico), 7-de Paolo (665-Paredes), 24-Enzo-Fern á ndez, 24-Enzo-Fernandez. 20-McAllister, 10-Messi, 9-Julian Alvarez (81-22-Lautaro)
Argentine substitutes: 1-Almani, 12-Ruili, 2-Voith, 14-Palacios, 16-Almada, 18-Quito-Rodriguez, 15-Angel-Correa, 17-Papp-Gomez, 21-Dibala