[gossip board] Cristiano Ronaldo commented on factos fans: Cristiano Ronaldo was wronged in his career, Messi has been taken care of

Cr7.o_lendario, a fan page commented by Cristiano Ronaldo on factos in 2021 (interrelated with Cristiano Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo’s family Instagram), posted a long post for the first time since the end of the World Cup, talking about the comparison between Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. This development has also been liked by Cristiano Ronaldo’s second sister Katia Aveiro.
The following is the long text of the home page:
I know people who hate me are ready to comment here, just waiting for me to post something. They won’t even read what I have to say, but I’ll say it anyway.
I’ve been following Cristiano Ronaldo since the beginning of his career and Messi wasn’t even a professional player. Since then, I have been watching every step of Cristiano Ronaldo, and I have also kept an eye on Lionel Messi. When you talk about one, you talk about the other. It’s always the same. It’s not what I do. Some people think that it is not good to compare and provoke each other, but others think that this is the driving force for the two people to compete continuously. What is right? I don’t know. I’ve done it all.
I don’t like Lionel Messi, but “I don’t like it” doesn’t mean I hate him. I admire him as a player and personally. Lionel Messi is a football genius who can be respected by children. I never said that, but I’m not a fan of Messi, I’m a fan of CR7. I don’t think it’s possible to support both Real Madrid and Barcelona. Did I support the team Lionel Messi faced in the final? Right. I don’t like hypocrisy, I don’t like hype, I always tell the truth, that’s how I feel.
When it comes to teasing, I’ve never run away from it, and I didn’t start it. CR7 started out as the best in the world, and then Messi took a 4-1 lead in the Golden Globes (suspiciously), only I knew what I heard, and when I had the chance, I really fought back, and if Ronaldo took a 6-5 lead, I would have done more (but FIFA didn’t allow that and awarded Modridge trophies). I am sure that Cristiano Ronaldo has been greatly wronged throughout his career, while Lionel Messi has been greatly favored and taken care of, including in this World Cup.
For me, Ronaldo has always been, is and will be the best, no matter what happens. I saw him conquer everything, and I saw how much he paid for it. And Messi received a great deal of favor. It doesn’t obliterate Messi’s talent, it just makes me and millions of people like Ronaldo more.
2022 will be a very sad year for Cristiano Ronaldo, both on and off the court. As fans, we are more than ever to support the person who makes us so happy and inspires us so much! Come on, idol! To me, you are always the best.