[gossip board] Dumas: Bennasser’s contract renewal gap is not big, Leo wants to stay in the team, but has high requirements for the economy

December 23-according to Di Mazio team reporter Luca Bendoni, Milan two senior players Benasser and Leo contract renewal negotiations are in progress, the club has arranged the time for the next meeting.
According to the report, Milan have closed the possibility of selling Benasser and Leo in January, so the club will then work on a contract renewal agreement, both of which expire on June 30, 2024. Milan management has held formal negotiations with Benasser’s agent on Wednesday, and the two sides have discussed the details of the contract.
At present, Benasser hopes to get a salary of more than 4 million euros after tax, but Milan are only willing to achieve this figure by adding a bonus, the specific trigger conditions are linked to the Champions League, taking into account the salary after the renewal of Special Olympics contract. Milan’s offer figure does not want to go beyond this range.
However, the gap between the two sides is not large, and the next meeting is expected soon. Benasser’s contract currently contains a 50 million euro termination clause, and liquidated damages will still be retained in the new contract, but the exact amount has yet to be determined.
As for Leo, the situation is more complicated. His lawyer, Tim Wula, will return to Milan in January 2023, when the two sides will hold a second formal meeting. Leo feels good at Milan and he is willing to stay, but as compensation must be paid to Portuguese sports, Leo will ask the club to make greater efforts on the economic front, and negotiations are still open.