[gossip board] follow the team: Shick received the offer and did not reply for a month. If rejected, Inter will disclose the details.

According to a report from Inter senior team reporter Pasquale Guarro on December 24th, Inter provided a maximum salary offer to Shikrinia a month ago, but the players have not given a reply for a long time. If Shike finally refuses to renew his contract, Inter will officially release the quotation figures to let fans know that the club has done its best.
The contract renewal of Shikrinia has become a major concern for Inter fans, and now there are all kinds of rumors every day, and Inter’s attitude has gradually shifted from optimism to pessimism, because the negotiation time between the two sides has been postponed. Maybe some lies have gained the upper hand.
At present, the contract renewal negotiations do not give people a good feeling, Inter’s performance seems to lack prestige, and the players’ disturbing wait-and-see behavior has been going on for several weeks. in particular, sources from France have revealed that Paris has reached an agreement with Shick to join as a free agent in June next year.
What’s going on behind this unpleasant contract renewal negotiation? Is there any unknown story? What is certain is that Shikrinia received an offer from Inter a month ago, which is an annual salary offer of about 13 million euros before tax (about 6 million after tax, the same as other media reports). It’s also a respectable figure.
However, Inter have not received a reply from the players so far, so they are beginning to feel nervous and worried that the contract renewal negotiations may end up with the player leaving the team freely, which will destroy everything that has been established by both sides.
The truth of the matter may soon come to light, and Inter’s headquarters is no longer confident and begins to suspect that things may come to a tragic end. Let’s be clear: Inter don’t think Paris has reached an agreement with Shick, but everyone is waiting for a reply from the players.
Now Shick’s silence will not help, but will add to Inter’s pessimism, which is why Inter will not advance the deadline and the club will still wait until the last day of 2022. And hope to get a clear answer from the players.
If Shikrinia’s answer is “no”, Internazionale will officially announce the amount of their own contract renewal offer, telling the outside world that the club has done its best. At that time, Shikrinia will have to explain to the fans why he refused to make an offer, because in the minds of Inter fans, Shick has become the symbol of the Nerazzurri and the next captain.
With January approaching, there is no doubt in Paris that Schick will be free to join, while in Milan, people are still hopeful of a contract extension.