[gossip board] France has reached the finals of two consecutive World Cups, and has won two of the previous three finals.

December 15-the second match of the World Cup semi-finals has just ended, France 2-0 Morocco advanced to the final. This is the fourth time that Gaul Roosters have qualified for the World Cup finals. They have won two of the previous three finals.
Historical achievements of the World Cup in France
1930: the group is out
1934: top 16
1938: top 8
1950: absence
1954: the group is out
1958: second Runner-up
1962: absence
1966: the group is out
1970: absence
1974: absent
1978: the group is out
1982: second runner-up
1986: second Runner-up
1990: absence
1994: absence
1998: champion
2002: the group is out
2006: runner-up
2010: the group is out
2014: top 8
2018: champion