[gossip board] Hainer: Bayern’s strong lineup is mainly attributed to Sally, the target treble

December 24-Heiner, chairman of the Bayern Munich supervisory board, was interviewed by the German media a few days ago. in the interview, he talked about some topics related to the club and the German national team. and especially praised Salihamidzic, the sports director who performed well in the transfer market this summer.
About how Nagelsmann turned around this season.
Oliver Strauss-Kahn and Hassan Salihamidzic talked to him many times. Julian is always willing to communicate, which shows his strength. After losing 1-0 to Augsburg, we won all the games except Borussia Dortmund 2-2. As a club, it is right and important for us to remain absolutely calm at that stage because we all believe in Julian’s ability, he has a clear plan, but is always flexible enough to accept and change things. During that time, there were a lot of good discussions between Julian, Hassan Salihamidzic and Oliver Strauss-Kahn, and we turned things around together. ”
About the World Cup
“it not only made Lionel Messi’s career so brilliant, but also paid tribute to 23-year-old Killian Mbappe, who also set the standard for the highest level, this final has all the elements. If only the enthusiasm for this final could be transferred to Germany again, Bayern Munich are also proud of our World Cup runners-up Dayott Uppamecano, Kingsley Koeman, Benjamin Pawar and Lucas Hern á ndez. Now we look forward to 2023, and we have big goals. We want to fight for all three championships, this is our ambition, there is no doubt about it. ”
About how to help the World Cup international players adjust their condition.
“We will do everything we can to help our players, whether they are those who had hoped to get more in the World Cup or those who are injured. It is important for our players to be fit and ready to attack again by the beginning of 2023. We know our players very well at Bayern Munich. they are out-and-out athletes and always want to win. They can accept the result, stand up and give everything for success. 2023 also has a lot of goals for us, we have big plans for the club in the Bundesliga, the German Cup and the Champions League and we will see a return to strong Bayern Munich players. ”
On how to evaluate Salihamidzic’s work?
“you just need to look at the current squad, he has brought the players we need and made a lot of money in sales. Just like he used to be on the pitch, Hassan always uses a lot of energy to push things forward. If you look at our squad correctly, we have a very good foundation for the next few years. We certainly need adjustment and supplement in the future, but not thorough reform. Thanks to Hassan. We have also brought in more good young players from youth training, such as Josip Stanisic, who reached the semi-finals of the World Cup with Croatia. We have a clear strategy to counteract the international transfer frenzy. Of course we will always bring in top international players, but we also want to bring in more young players from our youth team. Despite all our successes, when you look at our European competitors, things are not getting any easier and it is a huge challenge to keep up without outside investors. But this is our way, and we will continue to go on. As a Bayern football club, we can provide not only money, but also our culture, the Bayern family in which we live, our identity, our views. Bayern Football Club provides an ideal venue for athletes to make great achievements and win many championships. The top players all over the world know this and that’s why we managed to sign Sadio Manet or Mattes Dircht. Some time ago, some people no longer believe that we can do it, but our goal is very clear, that is to continue to set a benchmark in Europe. ”