[gossip board] Hamdala missed the opportunity to score a goal, Moroccan fans: too dillydally, why not hit the door?

December 15-Morocco lost 0-2 to France in a World Cup semi-final match that ended earlier. In this game, Moroccan player Hamdala came off the bench. Hamdala scored in the penalty area when he fell 1-0 behind France. It seems that he may be able to equalize the score for Morocco, but he has not shot for a long time, which has also been criticized by many Moroccan fans.
Some Moroccan fans said: “shoot, brother, what are you doing?” “Why don’t you just knock on the door?” The players are so dillydally, they just need to shoot. ”
Some Moroccan fans said: “this guy probably wants to score the most perfect and beautiful goal in the semi-finals of the World Cup” and “who cares? Your team is trying to tie the score, then tm shot hard, this ball may have a chance to reflect the goal, this is the most important thing, you clown! ” , “Moroccan players, shoot! Hamdala, your mind is directly blank. ”