[gossip board] Kane: I’ve learned a lot from Lori and hope to score a goal against him.

On December 10, 03:00, Beijing time, Qatar World Cup 1 Universe 4 finals, England will usher in the match with France. Before the match, England captain Kane talked about the French captain and club teammate Lori in an interview, and he also expressed his views.
On Lori, Kane said: “I have a very good relationship with Hugo.” We have been playing together for a long time. Off the court, we spend time with our families. He is a great man and one of the best goalkeepers in the world. In such a competition, we will certainly not be friends, but fierce competitors. I’ve known him for a long time, and I think highly of him. If we win, I will enjoy the game. ”
“but I know he will do everything he can to make France win. I am a man who dares to play against any goalkeeper and I hope I have a chance to score tomorrow. I know I have to be at my best in the game to do that. I try to be as prepared as possible, stay relaxed, and then let nature take its course. ”
In addition, on England’s current form, Kane also said: “when I look back on 2018, I really didn’t know what the team could expect in the group stage.” But now, we believe we can win the game, but it’s almost a new experience. We made it to the semi-finals and everyone was very happy. ”
“the final defeat of the European Cup is a thing of the past. In this World Cup, I believe we can win. Now we just need to move on and face the game against France with stronger faith than in 2018. We are a very good team, there is no shortage of good teams in this World Cup, if we lose the game tomorrow, we will be as disappointed as other teams. Each of us has real faith and determination to believe that we can win. ”