[gossip board] Marca: Morocco urgently contacted Brashin, hoping to recruit him to participate in the World Cup.

According to Marca, due to the sudden injury of Moroccan midfielder Amin Ali, the Moroccan Football Association is contacting Milan midfielder Brahin Diaz in the hope of recruiting him to join the national team urgently. Because Brashin has been on the Moroccan pre-selection list and is a player who can be recruited in theory.
Brashin was born in Spain to Moroccan immigrants. Brashin played for Spain in a warm-up match against Lithuania last year (the actual Spanish U21 squad at that time), but according to FIFA’s latest naturalization rules, Morocco is still available.
Marca said that Morocco had contacted Brashin several times before, but the players had always preferred the Spanish national team. Brashin did not completely reject the chance to play in the World Cup this time, but still insisted that playing for Spain was his first choice, and if there were no surprises, Morocco’s attempt to naturalize would fail again.