[gossip board] Marca newspaper: Carrasco feels cheated by Atletico Madrid and wants to leave the team as soon as possible in January.

According to Marca, Atletico striker Carrasco wants to leave the team, preferably this winter. The player is dissatisfied with the fact that he has not renewed his contract and thinks he has been “cheated” by the club. Although it is believed from Atletico Madrid that Carrasco chose not to renew his contract, it is not that Atletico are unwilling to renew his contract with him.
In any case, for both sides, the opportunity to renew the contract has passed and there is no better choice but to leave Carrasco. The player’s contract expires in 2024 and Atletico are willing to sell for 40 million euros.
Carrasco has matured since his return to Atletico in 2020, but sources inside Atletico say that the players still have some personality problems and that he has a close relationship with Portuguese-speaking players such as Felix, Felipe, Cunha and Lodi. As these players are gradually leaving, Carrasco is also approaching this path.