[gossip board] Milan: 5-6 strong European teams are interested in Giroux, and Milan are willing to renew his contract with him with a raise.

According to a report from La Gazzetta dello Sport Milan’s chief follower Luca Bianchin, French striker Giroux is expected to return to Milan at the end of December and the two sides will start contract renewal talks in January.
Giroux, who was given 7-10 days off after the World Cup final, is expected to return to Milanello on December 30 and normally play in the league against Salenitana on January 4, but it is not clear whether Pioli will start him.
In addition, another issue on the table is the renewal of the contract. Giroux’s contract with Milan expires in June next year, and Milan management has arranged talks with the player’s agent Manuello in January.
Both Milan and Giroux are willing to continue to cooperate, and the only thing that needs to be determined now is the salary. Milan are willing to sign for another year after tax of 3.5 million euros. The current feeling is that given Giroux’s excellent performance in 2022, he is likely to ask for a salary adjustment, but based on reasonable speculation, there is not much problem for the two sides to reach an agreement.
In fact, there are already 5-6 top European clubs interested in Giroux, who have proved that they can play a huge role at the highest level, both as a starter and as a substitute. Milan may meet Giroux’s salary requirements by increasing bonuses.