[gossip board] Neville: Portugal did not give play to Ronaldo’s advantage and felt sorry for his ending.

On December 17, Neville gave an interview to Sky Sports to talk about Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo tearfully bid farewell to the World Cup after Portugal was eliminated by Morocco in the first quarter-final.
“the core of Argentina has always been Lionel Messi, the other players of the team are around him to implement tactics, they give full play to Messi’s advantage.”
“given that Portugal has worked with Santos and Ronaldo for so long, I think he will do the same. In my opinion, something has happened in this tournament, which means that the plan has been changed and Santos has the idea of excluding Ronaldo from the starting line-up. But once you put Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench, it’s not just about getting a player to give up the starting position, it’s a hot topic around the world. ”
“I am really sorry for Ronaldo’s ending. It was definitely not a good ending when he walked into the player’s aisle with tears streaming down his face. He must be thinking, it’s over. I’ll never take part in this competition again. ”
“I don’t think Ronaldo’s performance is not good enough. As a 37-year-old player, he has exceeded expectations and I feel sorry for his ending.”