[gossip board] official: Onana announces withdrawal from Cameroon national team

December 23-Onara today updated his personal social media and announced his withdrawal from the Cameroon national team.
Onara wrote in his farewell letter:
It all started in that small village called Ngol Nkok. There, my family taught me Cameroonian values from a very young age. I understand that the love for the country is eternal, and this loyalty is indisputable.
I still remember watching the game with my family. Only the Cameroonians can understand what it means to watch the national team fight. From then on, I began to dream of wearing the national team shirt. Now, after endless training, running and persistence, I can proudly say that I have realized my great dream.
But no matter how beautiful each story is, it has an end and my story with the Cameroon national team is over. Players change back and forth, but Cameroon is always higher than everyone or players. Cameroon is still immortal, my love for the national team will never change, and I will always love the people who support us no matter how difficult it is.
My feelings will never change, my heart of Cameroon will keep beating, no matter where I am, I will fight for my country and hold our flag high.
I will still support the national team as a fan, just like the more than 27 million Cameroonians who support us every game. I can only thank all those who believe in me and believe that I will contribute to the team.
The motherland is always the first in my heart.
Onana, a 26-year-old goalkeeper, now plays for Inter and has made his debut for Cameroon since 2016, making a total of 35 appearances for the Cameroon national team.
Prior to this, Onara was excluded from the game list and suspended after a dispute with the team manager over his goalkeeping style at the World Cup.
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