[gossip board] Rice body: Origi’s flexor strain will be absent for several weeks and will not be able to participate in the first round of the second half of the league.

December 18-before Milan’s warm-up match against Liverpool the day before yesterday, Milan striker Oregi missed the game due to muscle discomfort. According to Milan reporter Alessandra Gozzini of La Gazzetta dello Sport, Origi has a flexor strain and will be absent for several weeks.
Aurelizzi has had a number of injury problems this season, and the flexor strain not only left him out of the warm-up game against Liverpool, but also could not even participate in the business event this morning. at present, he can only stay at the hotel for treatment and a simple recovery before he can undergo an MRI examination after returning to Italy.
The exact condition of Oregi’s injury has yet to be determined, but the need to be tested by an instrument shows the severity. The medical team did not give a specific time for recovery, but even in the most optimistic case, flexor strain also needs to rest for several weeks, unless the test results can rule out muscle damage, but this is highly unlikely.
Oregi’s sudden injury poses a big problem for Milan because Serie A resumes in two weeks. Milan need to face Salenitana on January 4. With 17 days to go, it is unlikely that Oregi will return ahead of time.
Giroux, another Milan center, is still with France in the World Cup, and considering his fatigue, he needs at least 10-15 days to rest, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still recovering from injury. so Milan may use Rabic as No. 9 in the league against Salenitana on January 4.