[gossip board] Rice body: the European Court of Justice ruled in March next year that the result has been doomed to the complete collapse of the European Super League.

Yesterday, the Attorney General of the European Court of Justice gave a guiding opinion on the European Super League case, and Fabio Licari, a famous reporter from La Gazzetta dello Sport, also interpreted it in the latest article, which pointed out: it is difficult to change the final decision of the European Court of Justice, which means that the European Super League project can basically come to an end.
The following is an excerpt from the full text:
If the lawsuit between Uefa and the European Super League is compared to a football match, then the score is now 5-0. Although the judge can make a decision contrary to the Attorney General’s opinion, there is little possibility of a reversal. The EU Attorney General’s opinion on the European Super League case is very absolute. If you want to form a new league, you cannot participate in the Champions League, and Uefa has the right to impose sanctions on European Super League clubs.
Because of the strong particularity of sports, the restrictions proposed by Uefa are legal, although the final decision still belongs to specific judges, but if the guidance is confirmed, the European Super League project will be completely over.
How important is the opinion of the Attorney General of the European Court of Justice? On November 15, 1995, the European Court of Justice’s decision on the Bosman case permanently changed the world of football. Exactly 27 years later, European football has once again ushered in a critical turning point.
So Attorney General Athanasios Rantos gave a detailed introduction to the European Super League case to 15 judges in Luxembourg and provided his guidance.
Although these opinions are not binding, according to statistics, 80% of the decisions in cases follow the advice of the Attorney General, and even in the remaining cases, there has been no major change in direction.
The 15 judges are expected to make a decision in March next year, although the decision is in their hands, but it is unlikely to overturn the existing opinion. If the ruling takes effect, the three European Super League clubs will have to “repent”. Juventus, which has changed its board of directors, is obviously easier to return to the UEFA family than Real Madrid and Barcelona.