[gossip board] Sally talked about the World Cup final: wonderful, Messi used the champion to consolidate the best position in history.

December 19 World Cup final, within 120 minutes Argentina 3-3 France, Argentina 7-5 penalty shootout total score beat France, Argentina won the World Cup again after 36 years. After the game, Bayern senior executives Sally, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Hainer also talked about their views on the World Cup.
Sally: “it was a top final and both sides contributed a very wonderful performance.” But I also feel sorry for several French players in the team. They gave a great performance, but unfortunately they didn’t win the final championship. But I am also happy for Messi, who has consolidated his position as the best in history with a World Cup champion, and Argentina deserves to win the championship.
Dominique Strauss-Kahn: “Congratulations to Argentina and the excellent Lionel Messi for winning the 2022 World Cup after this exciting final.” Thanks also to our players Uppamecano, Koeman, Pawar and Lucas Hern á ndez, who are very close to defending the title. But after losing the final, it’s all about getting back on your feet and moving on. On the whole, all the players can be very proud of their performance and they have played at the top level. ”
Hainer: “it was a wonderful final.” Congratulations to Argentina and Lionel Messi for crowning his career. After this World Cup and this exciting final, Bayern are also proud of Uppamecano, Kingsley Koeman, Pawar and Lucas Hern á ndez. Every World Cup since 1982, at least one Bayern player has reached the World Cup final, which shows that our club is so good. We are looking forward to the return of our players and they played a good game. ”