[gossip board] the record newspaper: out of respect for Santos, the Portuguese Football Association will not be fired unilaterally, but will talk.

December 12-according to the latest report by Portuguese newspaper Le Reporter Lu í s Avel ã s, in fact, no matter where the final outcome of the Portuguese national team coach Fernando Santos goes, it will not be a simple “dismissal” to describe it. Fernando Gomez, president of the Portuguese Football Association, actually attaches great importance to the old coach, which is why there is this Lisbon meeting.
Out of respect for Santos, the Portuguese Football Association does not want to make any unilateral decision on dismissal, according to the sources of the Le Recorder. After all, Fernando Santos is the one who led the national team to the European Cup and the Europa League title. No one in the national team has achieved so much.
On the other hand, officials of the Portuguese Football Association are aware that the relationship in the eight-year relationship, which began in 2014, is also slowly eroding.
In addition, even with the support of a series of high-quality achievements, he has never missed any World Cup or European Cup finals, but Portugal’s domestic comments on Santos, especially public opinion, have always been mixed.
The over-cautious and conservative style of the game does not give more freedom to the talented players in the team, which has always been the main criticism for Santos. After leaving Qatar ungracefully, the issue is back on the agenda.
Recently, the tax issues surrounding his contract and the current dispute with Cristiano Ronaldo have further weakened his position. But is this enough to make Santos exit? No one can make this decision without talking to Gomez.
To be sure, the future can’t wait long, because the qualifying round of Euro 2024 will begin in March. Portugal, no matter who coaches, must qualify and consider winning the European Championship.