[gossip board] well-known reporter: Gwadior was recommended to Real Madrid, but Real Madrid hasn’t decided yet.

According to Jose Felix Diaz, a well-known reporter in the Marca newspaper, Croatian defender Gwadior has been recommended to Real Madrid. The players have long been within the attention of Real Madrid, and Real Madrid appreciate Gwadior very much, but Real Madrid have not yet decided whether to bring in.
The first is the price of the players. With the excellent performance in the World Cup, the price of Gwadior has gone up, and there are all kinds of giants competing for it. In addition, at least for now, Leipzig is in no hurry to sell, which makes it difficult for Real Madrid to bid.
On the other hand, Real Madrid also need to pay attention to the composition of the current defence: Nacho’s contract expires next year and will leave a place if he eventually leaves the team. At the same time, the renewal of Mendi’s contract needs to be taken into account. JFD said that if Mendi continues to refuse to renew his contract, he does not rule out the possibility that Real Madrid will sell it next year.