[gossip board] Xue Zhiqian: thank you, Messi. It is a great honor for me to witness your success.

December 19-in the World Cup final that ended early this morning, Argentina beat France in a penalty shootout, and Messi won the Golden Cup of Hercules. After the match, singer Xue Zhiqian updated social media to congratulate Argentina.
Xue Zhiqian: want to see Jackson’s concert
Want to see Messi take the Hercules Cup
At least I did one in adolescence!
Thank you, Macy! Bring a humble, loyal, low-key and principled example of victory to this dirty world! Thank you for your upright persistence all the way! It’s wonderful to witness your perfection! It is also my great honor!
It’s December. ~ Yeah! The last month of my 39 years old! Thank you for the hard-won everything is so beautiful. .
I opened the window… It is summer outside the window. .
Remember to call me Uncle Xue next month.