Greenwood deleted a lot of content on his personal Instagram, and the profile tags still have Manchester United and Nike

02 February 07 News Recently, the British police dropped the charges of attempted rape against Manchester United player Greenwood.
Consider his future.
According to media reports, Greenwood deleted most of the content on his personal Ins a few days ago, and kept the information of “Manchester United” and “Nike” in the tags in his personal profile.

According to reports, in October last year, there were 191 posts on Greenwood’s personal Instagram, and now there are only 9 posts left.
The information of “Manchester United” and “Nike” still exists, but both parties are also reviewing Greenwood’s matter.

Some media revealed that after the Greenwood incident, Nike canceled the sponsorship contract with the player.
It is reported that there is a clause in Greenwood’s endorsement contract, that is, in the event of damage to his reputation and loss of commercial value, Nike can end all partnerships with Greenwood without paying any compensation.
The “Post” revealed that they have contacted Nike and hoped that they would make some comments on the matter.

In addition, Manchester United is also considering Greenwood’s future.
There have been reports that United staff are divided over whether Greenwood should be allowed to continue at United.