Griezmann: When I get some weird hairstyles, it’s because I’m happy

January 22 News
Interviewed by DAZN after Desai

Both Atletico and Griezmann are back in top form:

I am very happy, my goals also come, which is what the team needs, because after the World Cup we are in a good state, but we just don’t score. The big reason for this is me, because I always can’t score.
, but today’s goal is a morale boost for us.

Now you are among the top five goalscorers in Atletico Madrid history:

Yes, I heard that, I am very happy and proud to achieve this achievement, I hope to play here for a long time.

Now your position is also more free:

Yes, I am more free now, but I will always be involved in defense, and I will do it when the time is right. I can see that this arrangement allows me to play more happily and maintain the best physical condition.
During the pre-season preparations, Profe (Ortega, Atlético’s fitness coach) gave me a plan and I am very satisfied.
Right now I’m not at my best, but I’m enjoying it, enjoying everything here and I hope to contribute more.

It looks like Griezmann is the happiest Griezmann right now, including your current hairstyle:

It’s hard to say, but Atletico Madrid is my home. The fans, staff, and teammates here have brought me a lot of happiness. As you said, every time I get some weird hairstyles,
Just because I am happy and I can see it on the court.
I appreciate all the love you guys have shown me, I’m enjoying it all.