Guardiola: even if Messi doesn’t have the World Cup, it’s still the best in history in my opinion.

December 21-Manchester City will face Liverpool in the third round of the Carling Cup. During the pre-match press conference, Guardiola was asked about Lionel Messi.
How to evaluate Messi’s status?
Everyone has his own opinion, but no one can doubt that he is the best in history. He is the best for me and it is difficult for a player to compare with his achievements. Those who have seen Pele or Di Stefano or Maradona play football are sentimental. But on the other hand, even if Messi doesn’t win the World Cup, my opinion won’t change. It is normal that people will judge you based on the honors you have won. Winning the World Cup is the highlight of Messi’s incredible career.