Hainer: Musiala is the light of hope of Germany to pay great tribute to Messi and Mbappe

December 24 in an interview with Bild, Bayern Chairman Hainer said that Nagelsmann is good at communication, he also talked about the World Cup final.
Hainer said: “I am a happy chairman, the men’s team is currently leading the 4 points, at the same time all the events are not out.” The development of the women’s team is very good. In basketball, we ranked first in the Bundesliga and advanced to the final four of the Champions League. ”
Talking about how Na Shuai turned the situation, Hainer said: “Strauss-Kahn, Sally and he talked many times, Na Shuai is always good at communication, which shows his strength.” After the 1-0 defeat to Augsburg, we won all the games except the 2-2 against Dot. ”
Speaking of Muciara, Hainer said: “Musiara is the light of hope for the German team. What he can do and the confidence he showed at the age of 19 is impressive. Muciara’s top performance also shows that he has the ability to become a global star.”
Speaking of the World Cup, Hainer said: “We not only have to pay great respect to Messi, who has crowned his career with such brilliant achievements, but also to Mbappe. He set the highest standards at the age of 23, and this final has everything.”
“it would be great if the passion for the final can be transferred to Germany again. Bayern are also proud of Pamecano, Koeman, Pawar and Lucas. Now we are moving towards 2023, we have big goals, we want to fight for all three championships, there is no doubt that this is our ambition. ”