Halftime – Garvey assisted Dembele to score and Pedri missed a single goal. Barcelona temporarily 1-0 Atletico Madrid

January 9 News at 4:00 am on January 9th, 2022-23 season
In the 16th round of La Liga, Barcelona played away against Atletico Madrid.
In the first half, Garvey assisted Dembele to score, Pedri missed a single shot, Barcelona temporarily 1-0 Atletico Madrid.

【Key events of the game】

In the 22nd minute, Pedri broke through the middle and sent a cross. Garvey turned around and gave the ball to Dembele. The latter scored directly and Barcelona 1-0 Atletico Madrid.

Look at Dembele again.

【Focus moment of the game】

In the 6th minute, Atletico Madrid launched an offensive from the right, and finally Barrios’ shot from the top of the arc was confiscated by Ter Stegen.

In the 9th minute, Christensen tried a long shot and was caught by Oblak.

In the 24th minute, Atletico Madrid made a mistake in the backcourt pass. Pedri got a single-handed shot, but his shot was blocked from the bottom line by the defensive player.

In the 31st minute, Marcos Llorente shot from a small angle in the penalty area. The ball hit Araujo and then hit the side netting.

In the 33rd minute, Atletico Madrid sent a cross from the right. Jimenez jumped high and headed the goal. The ball missed the post slightly.

In the 37th minute, Molina received a pass from his teammate, dribbled the ball straight in from the right, and then made a burst shot, which missed the ball.

In the 42nd minute, Carrasco cut in from the left and then sent a cross. Griezmann adjusted and hit the goal with his left foot. The ball was saved by Ter Stegen.

In the 43rd minute, Atletico Madrid had a corner kick on the right, and the ball went to the penalty area. Ter Stegen missed it when he attacked, and Reinierdo’s header went slightly wide.

In the first half, there was 1 minute of stoppage time. In the 45th+1 minute, Marcos Llorente made the ball, and Molina, who followed up, missed with his right foot.

At the end of halftime, Barcelona temporarily 1-0 Atletico Madrid.

[Information on starting and substitutions of both sides]

Atletico Madrid substitutes: 1-Gerbic, 3-Reguilon, 18-Felipe, 36-Marco Moreno, 4-Kondogbia, 5-DePaul, 11-Lemar, 17-Sa
Ur, 20-Witsel, 10-Correa, 19-Morata

Barcelona starting: 1-Ter Stegen, 4-Araujo, 15-Christensen, 23-Conde, 28-Balde, 5-Busquets, 8-Pedry, 21-De Jong,
30-Gavi, 7-Dembele, 10-Fati

Barcelona substitutes: 26-Peña, 36-Tenas, 2-Bellelin, 17-Alonso, 24-Eric Garcia, 11-Ferran Torres, 19-Casey, 20-
Roberto, 32-Torre, 22-Rafinha, 14-Depay