Halftime-Schlagel gift Mahrez scored Manchester City 1-0 Leipzig

February 23 News on February 23 at 4:00 am, 2022-23 UEFA Champions League 1/
In the first round of the 8 final, Manchester City played away against the Leipzig Red Bull.
In the first half, Schlager gave a gift, Mahrez scored, and Manchester City temporarily 1-0 Leipzig.

【Key events of the game】

In the 27th minute, Schrager made a mistake in the backcourt. Glarish completed the steal and then sent a through pass. Gundogan took advantage of the heel to make the ball to Mahrez who was going forward. Mahrez succeeded in the far corner. Manchester City 1
-0 Leipzig.

Look at the ball again.

【Focus moment of the game】

In the 18th minute, Manchester City organized an offensive from the right. Walker’s cross was cleared, and Manchester City still controlled the ball from the outside. In the end, Rodri’s shot was high.

In the 36th minute, Seat B broke through and sent a cross. Glarish stopped the ball and adjusted and shot high.

In the first half, there was 1 minute of stoppage time. In the 45th 1 minute, Leipzig quickly launched an attack. Werner broke into the left side of the penalty area and then volleyed with his right foot, which was confiscated by Ederson.

At halftime, Manchester City temporarily 1-0 Leipzig.

[Information on starting and substitutions of both sides]

Manchester City starting: 31-Ederson, 2-Walker, 3-Dias, 6-Ake, 25-Akanji, 16-Rodri, 8-Gundoan, 10-Glarish, 20-B
Seats, 26- Mahrez, 9- Harland

Manchester City substitutes: 18-Ortega, 33-Carson, 4 Phillips, 19-Alvarez, 21-Sergio Gomez, 32-Peroni, 47-Foden, 62-
Charles, 80-Palmer, 82-Rico Lewis, 93-Robertson

Leipzig starting lineup: 21-Brasswig, 16-Klostermann, 4-Orban, 32-Gwadiol, 23-Halstenberg, 27-Leimer, 24-Schlagel,
17-Sobosloy, 10-Forsberg, 19-Andre Silva, 11-Werner

Leipzig substitutes: 13-Nyland, 24-Nikisch, 2-Simakan, 8-Hydala, 9-Poulsen, 18-Nkunku, 22-Raum, 39-Henrichs
, 44-Kanpur

(Ma Dongyu)