Han Jiaqi: The goal of the Asian Games is to win the championship. Postponing it for one year will give us more time to adjust

February 14th News Yesterday, the Asian Games National Football Team drew 1-1 with the New Army in the warm-up match
Dandong leaps.
Today, the team will depart for the United Arab Emirates to officially start the flight training.
According to the “New Express” report, goalkeeper Han Jiaqi said in an interview that the team’s goal is to win the Asian Games.

Yesterday afternoon, the Asian Games team finished its last training session in Foshan. The Asian National Football Team played a warm-up match with Dandong Tengyue, a newcomer to the Chinese Premier League who was also training in Guangdong.
As the second runner-up of last season, Dandong Tengyue is currently actively training. In the warm-up match with the Asian Games, he even sent two foreign players to play.
In the game, Jankovic used two completely different lineups in the first and second halves. In the end, the two sides drew 1-1, and Liu Zhurun scored for the National Football Team Asian Games.

As far as the game scene is concerned, although the Asian Games team has a slight advantage, the advantage is not obvious. The two teams are in a state of dogfighting most of the time.
As far as the scene is concerned, the tacit understanding of the Asian Games team is obviously insufficient. Many players have different ideas when passing and responding.
For the Asian Games team, the primary goal now is to run the lineup.

The main goalkeeper Han Jiaqi said: “Our tactical goal in this game is to suppress the opponent. The opponent had no chance in the first half, and some details were not done well in the second half, but the coach’s tactical intention was realized on the whole.”

Speaking of the postponement of the Asian Games for one year, Han Jiaqi said: “This can give the coaching staff more choices. For example, some young people will emerge from the league, and we can also have more time to adjust.”

Talking about the goal of the Asian Games, Han Jiaqi said: “We will strive to create history and win the championship!”