Harman on Bellingham: spending 150 million pounds for a 19-year-old player, I think it’s a big risk

December 29-European giants including Real Madrid, Manchester City and Chelsea have all been linked with Bellingham, whose value soared after the World Cup. Without the termination clause this summer, Borussia Dortmund is likely to receive a record transfer fee, more than the £97 million Barcelona paid for Dembele in 2017. The celebrity Ditmar Hamann talked about Bellingham.
“I will be careful with Bellingham now,” the German told talkSPORT. “he is an extraordinary genius and he showed that at the World Cup, but it is also a big risk if Borussia Dortmund asks for more than £100m, £140 million to £150 million. I think he must find the right place. He follows Steven Gerrard’s example, but I don’t think he has the ability and speed of Steven Gerrard. ”
“I think you need to wait and see how he plays in the second or third position in midfield. I think it’s a big risk to spend 150 million pounds for an 18-year-old or 19-year-old.”
Hamann is fully supportive of Liverpool’s move for Gakpo, who he believes can play Jorrington’s role at Newcastle in midfield. “in the past few years, they need a player like Gakpo. I don’t think they have enough goal threat in midfield. Their set-pieces are always a threat. Gakpo’s height and physical condition will strengthen that for the Reds.”
“in midfield, sometimes I think they lack a little physical confrontation. None of their players have the physical qualities that Gakpo has. I have always thought that Jolington is the player Liverpool need because he can break through from midfield, he can header, the skill is very good, and he has a certain speed. Gacbo is a good addition and I hope we will see him more often in the coming weeks and months. ”