Herrera: I was a little frustrated that Manchester United didn’t renew my contract, but I was still grateful

Herrera, a former Manchester United player, said in an interview with Manchester United’s official website that he was a little frustrated that Manchester United did not choose to renew his contract, but he was still grateful.
Speaking of leaving Manchester United, Herrera said: “it was a difficult decision because six months ago, five months ago, I was looking forward to the contract extension that invited me to stay.”
“I don’t want to do this, now is not the time to speak ill of anyone, and I won’t do it, but after my third season with the club, I have higher expectations for the club. I won the player of the year award chosen by the fans and instead of calling me to sign a new contract that summer, the club signed contracts with other players. To be honest, it was very painful for me. ”
“I thought I deserved it, but they didn’t do it. After that, the situation changed. The club players go in and out, but the club and the badge remain the same, so I will never speak ill of the club because I am very grateful to have played for Manchester United. ”
“but it’s a little painful to leave. At the end of the third season, three champions, player of the year, they didn’t call me in the summer, so I felt a little depressed. After that, when I had a year left on my contract, they called me, but it was no longer suitable for me. ”
“I fought for the club until the last day, there is no problem, I respect my contract until the last day. But in my opinion, in the eyes of my agent, in the eyes of my family, they came at a bad time. ”