Hertha Berlin vs Union Berlin preview: Derby rekindles, Labbadia takes on important responsibilities

In the early morning of December 5th, , Hertha Berlin will host Union Berlin in the opening game of the 10th round of the Bundesliga
, a fierce derby battle will blow the 10th round of the Bundesliga.
The two capital teams will stage a Berlin derby. Although fans are still unable to enter the stadium to support their teams due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, this has not affected the enthusiasm of the derby at all. As early as Tuesday morning, the city of Berlin was full of trees
More than 60,000 flags, including the blue and white flags with Hertha Berlin, spread all over the streets and alleys of Berlin overnight.
Hertha Berlin is currently advancing towards its rise. Since June 2019, Windhorst has invested as much as 374 million euros in the club, and spent 83 million euros in the winter window of this year to sign a number of powerful players as supplementary players.
With a strong team lineup, the huge expenditure of this winter window exceeds that of any team in the world.
Windhorst is full of ambitions. He hopes to turn the capital club Hertha Berlin into a giant club that can challenge the existence of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.
In terms of coaching, the arrival of Labbadia also shouldered the heavy responsibility of the team’s rise. After joining, he successfully led the team that was on the verge of relegation to 11th, although their current record this season is not as good as expected.
But they still showed their potential, but at present, Hertha Berlin continues to have a team leader to lead the team. Even with huge sponsorship, it is difficult for a team lacking soul players to make the team united.
After defeating Bayern with 5 goals before, defender Mittelstedt also pointed out the team’s current shortcomings, confirming that a leader is Hertha Berlin’s most important choice at present.
In this game, Hertha Berlin is still facing the impact of injuries. The main striker Cordoba who scored 3 goals in 7 appearances for the team, and the midfielder Askacivar will be absent due to injury, while Lu Keba
Keogh and Piyantek can still represent the team.
Looking at the opponents of Union Berlin in this game, they are currently ranked 6th in the league with a record of 4 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss. They have not lost a single game in the past 9 games in all competitions.
Their top scorer Kruse has scored 6 goals in 9 games this season, contributed 5 assists and made 11 goals alone. In the last round, he scored twice to help the team draw with Hertha Berlin.
However, according to German media, due to the recent decline in the team’s first Lute, Karius, who is currently on loan, is expected to usher in the starting lineup in this derby.
However, Hertha Berlin suffered from more serious injuries in this game. The team’s midfielder Gentner (6 games), Finnish forward Pohjanpalo (5 games and 2 goals), and substitute defender Schrotbeck (
3 games, 2 goals) and Uja will be absent due to injury, but Endo Keita is expected to appear on the bench when he returns from injury.