Hometown glory! The government of Messi’s birthplace will build a statue next to the statue of Maradona

According to Argentine media TYC, after winning the 2022 World Cup, Palacios and Messi will be honored by the town government of Fama Yala, where they were born, and will set up two statues in the central promenade.
Sergio Baldasare, director of public information and entrepreneurship in the Mayala town government, said: “We are making a new statue of Messi and Palacios, which will be placed next to the statue of Maradona.”
Bardasare explained: “the height of the statue of Messi is 1.69m and that of Palacios is 1.77m. The unveiling date has not yet been set, but it will be confirmed soon, and we expect it to be before the end of the summer. ”
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