Hot! Portuguese media: real Madrid is willing to pay Enzo 120 million Euro termination gold Benfica has received four quotations

December 25-Portuguese media cmjornal news, Real Madrid will be willing to pay 120 million euro termination payment for Enzo, Benfica has received four offers.
According to Portuguese media, Real Madrid are willing to pay Enzo Fernandez’s 120 million Euro termination fee to allow players to join the club. In addition, Benfica also received four offers, ranging from 97 million euros to 110 million euros, from clubs in England, France and Spain.
According to the previous record, Benfica chairman Rui Costa insisted on Enzo that the price should not be lower than the 120 million euro termination clause, so the team did not hesitate to reject the offer. The offer is not from Liverpool, but from another big European club.
The 21-year-old Benfica midfielder Enzo helped Argentina win the World Cup and his contract expires in the summer of 2027.